Hid-In Panda Multiway Body Band

Product Code: 4719RR

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The Multiway Body Band is a sleek, versatile, unisex pump accessory made for ease of use and comfort with a cute Panda face, removable waist strap feature and window at the back that the pump can be operated through without removing from the band.

It was designed to be worn in multiple positions due to its incredible stretch and adjustability.

Size: Adjustable from 60cm - 120cm.

The smooth microfibre pouch and brush-back elastic band are soft and comfortable on the body, like regular underwear. The overall effect of this sleek band is to make a pump much less visible beneath many outfits. The band is small, light weight and easy to pack, travel with and store, and adjusted for a snug fit, the pump stays firmly in place no matter how active the wearer.

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