All profits go towards fighting diabetes

blood glucose meters and test strips

We believe that blood glucose testing strips should be available free for everyone who needs them. We're fighting for this and we're getting there. But we know that they're not available to everyone.

For those who need or choose to buy test strips we have negotiated with several companies to make certain strips available via our catalogue and online shop.

You can now buy as and when you need or on selected products opt to subscribe and receive them without having to remember to reorder. When you subscribe you can choose to get your products delivered monthly, every two months or every three months and you will save 5% when you subscribe, then 10% after the 2nd, 3rd or 6th billing cycle depending on which option you select.

If you are considering buying a meter kit, and currently get strips on prescription, you should check with your diabetes team before purchasing to ensure they are able to prescribe the particular test strips for that meter.

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