Eating Well with diabetes

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Enjoying what you eat is one of life's pleasures. But if you, or someone in your family, has diabetes you'll know it can be tricky at times.

We have written this simple guide to help you understand what a healthy, balanced diet and make the right choices for your diabetes. It’s got helpful information about shopping, cooking and eating at home, as well as tips on eating out.

We have put together the Eating Well with diabetes and Enjoy Food guides in order to help everyone affected by diabetes put the excitement back into cooking and enjoying a healthy diet.

Order your free Eating Well with diabetes and Enjoy Food guides today.

Available versions

  • Eating Well with diabetes - English
  • Enjoy Food - African-Caribbean diet
  • Enjoy Food - South Asian diet, including information in Bengali, Urdu and Gujarati
  • Enjoy Food - Welsh

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